Indus Travels is devoted to bringing the best in both quality and value to custom tours to Turkey. Our company concentrates on designing tours that introduce travelers to the amazing complexity of culture and environment. We strive to offer these tours at unbeatable prices and with unparalleled comfort.
While most tour operators specialize in packaged group tours, our itineraries cater to travelers looking for a highly personalized, flexible travel experience. Most of our tours are private and can be customized to your client's interests, so they can spend as long as they like at sights and places they want to visit. Our formula is simple and effective. We design a travel experience that is tailored to their needs and interests, with maximum freedom to discover the exotic destinations they choose at the lowest price conceivable.
Beside Turkey we are also leading provider of custom-designed travel to Egypt, Jordan and Dubai. Our team has a far-reaching network throughout these destinations, providing ground handling services and hotel accommodation along with our tours. Our staff has traveled extensively throughout these destinations and several are fluent in its major languages. Our superb network of local agents and offices is spread throughout major cities, enabling us to provide you with a truly personal look at these destinations.

What makes Indus Travels different?

- Our own Tours - Traveling to exciting world destinations is often complex and require careful and detail planning. We are professional travel planners. Our tours are designed and run by us. We do not sell “other companies” tour packages.

- Customization – Most of our trips can be customized based on your need. But each itinerary planned has a careful balance between traveling, sightseeing and independent time. We make sure for each tour we offer, we have detailed day by day itinerary that describe each day's activities. The itinerary also lists the details of the hotels we use and what transport and other things are included.

- Service - All of our tours are backed up by our own network of offices and teams in local destinations. During the entire duration of the trip your daily movement is closely monitored. You are always a phone call away from Indus Travels 24/7. We are dedicated to serving our clients before, during, and after they travel and, as a result most of our clients come to us be personal referral or on a repeat basis.

- Value for Money - We use our extensive network of contacts worldwide to book travel services in the most cost effective way. Because we have our own offices in local destinations we negotiate the best price and pass on the savings to you. We strive to offer exceptionally good value but never cut corners or sacrifice quality to be cheapest.

- You are in Command – We believe in planning and organization but not strict schedule. Some things have to be arranged but as we all know many of the best things in life involve the unexpected and holidaying is all about pleasure at leisure. We won't plan everything for you, we'll provide framework and provide essential support and transportation but give you freedom to explore the destination too allowing you the time and space to break away and do your own thing. You can tailor the touring to your interests, spend as long as you like at sights, and develop a real rapport with your own private guide, driver and local people.

- Expert Guides & Tour Coordinators – Guides play an invaluable role in ensuring that our clients have the best opportunity to experience, learn about, and enjoy their trip. We carefully chose guides based on their knowledge of regional culture and history, their proficiency in English, and their ability to cater to a sophisticated clientele. We have a team of professionals who love their profession and aim at satisfying the clients.


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